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Merbabu Solo Trekking


Last month, I go hike up at Merbabu. My intention was to have exercise, because the next month I would go to Rinjani. Because it was incidental, I decided to do it single man by myself. So, the night before, I rent a tent from a outdoor equipment rental near my ex-campus. It was a 2-person tent, for emergency if there were any fellow hiker that badly need, but primarily because the rental place didn’t have any single-person tent.

Then I prepared the logistics for 2 days, the eating utensils, and my other gears. At first, I want to bring my 600D and the tripod, but I think it would make my carrier unnecessarily heavier, and it was an exercise trekking, so I think I didn’t need that camera. I planned to do day trekking, which is I never done before, I always do night trekking with my friends. And I planned to have nasi bungkus as my lunch and dinner.

On D-Day morning, I woke up late, I woke up at 7 a.m, it was supposedly I have arrived at Selo at 6 a.m. So I toke a quick bath and check my carrier if there was something left. Then I went to Selo with my motorcycle. I stopped several times to have a breakfast, buy a match, several snack, and buy my lunch. I decided to not buy the dinner yet, because I think again that it would not good again if I store it too long on my bag.

I arrived at Selo Merbabu at 10.30 a.m. Then I registered on the basecamp. There are three basecamp, I choose the lowest basecamp, but I suggested the highest camp, because you will conserve your energy more by saving some walk. There were 3 fellow hiker from Jakarta, that just arrived from Selo Merapi, and they planned to hike up this afternoon. So I ask if I could joined them, and we decided to hike up at 11 a.m.

When I departed from Jogja, the sky was clear and there was no sign of rain. But that noon, the rain was coming, but it just a little, so we started our walk. The Selo Merbabu trek is a forest trek, and less steep than the Wekas trek in the early stage. We arrived at 1st post by 2.30 p.m. We have our lunch there. I shared my penyetan rice, and my fellows shared their instant noodles and coffe. We continue, and the walk is slowly, since I wasn’t in a hurry, and once again, it was just an exercise.

We arrived at 2nd post by 4 p.m. Start from here, the forest start to reduced, and the savanna start to be seen. The trek difficulties also increased. We arrived at the savanna hill at 5 p.m. My fellows decided to camp there. But I decided to continue the walk, since there are many other hikers. Finally I arrived at the last savanna by 7.30 p.m. I build my tent there, along with other hikers that I meet on the trek. They are also UGM students, and also from MIPA faculty.

At there, already there were many tents, and we decided to make our tent not too far from them. I make my dinner with an instant noodles and a glass of milk. Then I sleep inside my sleeping bag in my tent. I woke up at the middle of the night because of something wet hitting my face, realizing it was raining and my tent weren’t have a flysheet cover! So the whole night I was praying that the rain would not go any harder!

And in the morning, I had to face that my tent has become a waterpool. And my whole gears were wet. So I decided to go back down, and not to the peak. After a breakfast, I pack all of my gears and give my logistics that still left to fellow MIPA hikers at the front of my tent. After a little phototaking, I started to trek down at 8.30 a.m.

On the way, there are so many tent at the savanna, I realize that they arrived after me. Merbabu has become a crowded hotel last night! The trek also badly plowed by the hikers. I knew that they hike up under the rain, so its like plowing a rice field! But I could go down quickly, and before 12 o’clock, I have arrived at the basecamp. And the basecamp was very crowded also. The campsman tell me that there were 200 people hike up last night. What a number!

Then I started my motorcycle, and I arrived to my home at 3 p.m after I return the tent to the rental. And I decided to wash all of my gears that afternoon.

There are many lesson learned from this solo trekking. The most important, prepare all of your gears carefully, and all should suitable with all possible weather. And you must know the route well. In my case, I have learned that Selo is rather easy track, so I dare to do it alone. In solo trekking, all of the things done by yourself. So, what decided your lives here decided by yourself. But, the good side, you could always choose your own timing. Normally, I always left behind by my friends when I go hikking at the mountain, because I was too slow. But here, I didn’t feel that I was left behind by anyone, because I went alone, and everything could be fine.

Yeah, it was my very first solo trekking. I have my experience here, in any case there is something happened in the future.

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Through Struggle part 2


God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.
(al-Ra’d, 13:11)

Some people think that they could achieve their goals and objectives. Some others just think to let it flow. Some people think that it just destiny that could bring them somewhere or that just luck that they need, nothing else. Some people think to giving up and take different pathways on their life. Some people think it ridiculous and tell other people to think more realistic and rational.

But I believe, it is through struggle that people can achieve many things, it is through struggle that people can make their dream realized, it is through struggle that could bring happy end.

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Working Days


Last year, 2013, was a brand new year for me. Finally I was into real world life. As a fresh graduate, I went unemployed at first. It is like 3-6 months I’m finding a job. 3 months if it counts from my ‘formal’ graduation day in Grha Sabha Pramana, or 6 months if it counts from my final exam in Ramadhan of 2012.

And finally, I got a job as a Maintenance Engineer in Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Solution (WPS), based at Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. I was placed at Muara Badak after my 3 months probation period, I’ve written the story about my probation period earlier last year, doing mainly Cased Hole maintenance, ranging from tool’s electronics, mechanical, and surface system, that including the panel in the Logging Truck. When I went to Balikpapan last year, I didn’t know the job description for a Maintenance Engineer at all. Electronics, especially Analog, was not my concentration when I’m on college, and I am not very good at analog electronics, so I try hard to remembering all of the materials on college.

In Ramadhan of 2013, I was sent for Technical Training Program at Fort Worth, Texas, US. It was my first time I went abroad. 8-hours flight from Jakarta-to-Dubai continued with 16-hours Dubai-to-Dallas. I learn many many many things there, all about oil and gas exploration, from survey, drilling, evaluation, and finally completion, beside my competencies of well logging a.k.a well data acquisition physics measurement theory. With my background in Electronics Instrumentation, these are fascinating study. This training could be called ‘Oil n Gas Exploration for Dummies’ or ‘Oil n Gas Exploration 101′.

After I went back home, I mean back to my work, I went back to Badak for Cased Hole again for a few months. Last month, I was sent to Balikpapan for 3 weeks to doing Open Hole maintenance, it was my first Open Hole assignment in my working days. Finally I could touch the-mighty-LOGIQ-tool-that-only-seniors-can-maintain-it. The procedure is not really hard if it compared to Cased Hole one. But for the circuit schematics, yeah you could vomit if look at it too much. And the size, is matter. It needs at least 2 people to handle and move the tool, compared to single man handling of Cased Hole tools.

When people working on their job, certainly there are few bad things. But, there are much more good things in my job, many good mates that keep me laugh all the day, good seniors that patiently taught me while they are doing their duty too. In other word, it could be said that we trying to do the best for the work, and do the best for the play. This is not a kind of job that people go to work from Monday to Friday, and then they could have Saturday and Sunday for rest. This job require us to do 30-days work continuously, at least for a trainee like me. So we need to keep each other cheers and happy in our work. Fortunately for me, my job is still a comfort zone for me right now. But I must not be satisfied this early. I need to make goals, and also plans to achieve them.

Well, that is the story of my working days in 2013. Hope everything will be running smoothly for 2014 :D

For the Future


誰だって一度は大空を飛べる さ
今日から君の限界目指せ For the future!


人生 なーんて
さぁ 行こう !!

誰だって一度は大空を飛べる さ
今日から君の限界目指せ For the future!
フルスピードで限界目指せ For the future!


さぁ 行こう !!

輝く瞬間(トキ)を駆け抜けよう For the future!
僕等 自由なんだ
さぁ 行こうよ

Anyone can fly in the big sky once!
From today, aim for your limits
For the future!

You settle for not doing things you want to do.
You act like an adult when you really should stop.
You can’t even say no to anything.
Where has the real you gone?

You must be sick of living your life
by the book.
Come on, let’s go!!

Anyone can fly in the big sky once!
From today, aim for your limits
For the future!

There’s no time to sigh!
Aim for the limit at full speed
For the future!

In this story called “life”,
You are the star of your scenes.
If you’re not happy with something,
Go ahead and rewrite it the way you want.

It can’t be any fun complaining,
Without doing anything
Come on, let’s go!!

Anyone can fly in the big sky once!
Show me the real you now
For the future!

You’ll be strong again soon!
Let’s run through these shining times
For the future!

We are free
Come on, let’s go!

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All of My Angst


Bulan ini, mungkin adalah salah satu bulan terburuk saya, namun bulan ini mungkin juga adalah salah satu bulan terbaik saya. Semua yang bisa saya lakukan telah saya lakukan, walaupun belum maksimal. Semoga bulan Syabaan ini berakhir dengan happy ending. Bismillah.

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Sayonara Memories

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ああ 別れを

泣いて笑った あの日々
この道はそう 未来へ続く道



春が来たら それぞれの道を

「さよなら」 小さくつぶやいた
空はあの日と変わらず 青くて
だから ちょっと泣けた


あの時 君は
二人 夕暮れの帰り道で

出会えたコト 感謝してる

初めて見た 満開のサクラ


だから私 君と
今のまま さよならしたくないの

ずっと 前から

ああ やっと言えた


Oh blooming cherry blossoms on this hill road
I have to say goodbye to you

Those days where we were crying and laughing
Seemed like only yesterday.
It feels like this road we’ve walked on
Is leading towards the future

You were happy that
Every year the blossoms bloomed earlier than expected
I smiled and said ‘it seems like it’
Just a little while more
And we can’t return to this place anymore

If I were to open my heart to you
And tell you of those indescribable feelings
Would I be able to do it?
For a beginning, there is always an ending
One day the path we took to go home
Will be a precious memory to me
I won’t forget you,
Those goodbye memories

When spring comes, each of these roads

I prayed for a day where we would meet again
As I silently mumbled ‘Goodbye’
That day the sky was blue like always
So I cried a little

I purposely took the longer way home
Just to be with you a little bit longer
I jokingly said ‘Oops, we went the wrong way’
You smiled so radiantly and looked away

I’ll hold those indescribable feelings
Of moments on this road we’ve walked on in my heart
Do you remember that time when you
Called out my name, and
We walked home together in the evening
I won’t forget you
Those goodbye memories

I am grateful to have met you

I wonder how much everything had changed
Since we last saw the cherry blossoms in full bloom

I took a glance at you and thought to myself
‘It seems I’ve become to like this person’
But why? I don’t get it at all
Since then each and every day had been fun
But at the same time it had been painful

I’m sorry I can’t say it any better
But I, about you, how do I say it?
I can’t say goodbye to you now
I don’t want to stay as just friends
I thought we could back then.
I, you, about you
Since long ago, I’ve always
Liked you.

Ah I’ve finally said it!

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Off Pertama

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Alhamdulilah, akhirnya masa probation berhasil terlewati, dan saya diperbolehkan untuk off oleh bos dari tanggal 4 sampai tanggal 18 Mei kemarin. Dan akhirnya saya pulang ke Jogja :D

Sesuai dengan pengalaman dan nasihat senior, waktu off saya pergunakan dengan seksama, dan saya jadwal dengan ketat. Mulai dari dateng ke festival jejepangan kampus, sepedaan, naik gunung sama teman2 SMA, liat orang futsal (gara2 sedikit kecelakaan, jadi gak bisa ikut main, cuma lihat aja), datang ke nikahan temen, sampe pesta semalam suntuk bersama teman2 seperwotaan.

Sebenarnya saya dijadwalkan sudah harus ke Jakarta tanggal 16 untuk mengurus visa, namun karena satu dan lain hal, akhirnya saya ke Jakarta tanggal 18. Jadi ada sedikit waktu buat menonton dedek2 lucuk yang bermarkas di salah satu mall di kawasan Stadion Gelora Bung Karno. Ada juga sedikit kumpul2 sama teman seperjuangan Elins 2008 yang sedang merantau disana. Cerita2 tentang pengalaman awal2 kerja, dan sedikit ada ide untuk bikin semacam kumpulan antar sesama teman2 yang bidang industrinya sama.

Overall, off pertama saya sangat produktif. Dan off pertama ini lumayan men-charge energi saya untuk kembali bekerja, kali ini satu bulan penuh,

Muara Badak, The Last Week


Sebagai seorang trainee kemarin sore yang sama sekali gak tahu apa2, saya harus banyak belajar dan mencari ilmu sebanyak2nya di Badak selama dua setengah bulan kemarin. Kesempatan untuk belajar sebenarnya banyak, namun kadang timingnya tidak tepat dengan assignment schedule saya yang juga harus menyesuaikan sama teman2 yg lain. Sebenarnya saya pengen banyak hands on, tapi kadang keadaan tidak memungkinkan. Sebenarnya saya masih merasa sangat belum cukup, saya merasa apa yang saya tahu masih lebih sedikit dengan yang diketahui oleh teman2 se-batch. Mereka seperti sudah expert dan siap untuk ditempatkan dimana saja. Namun waktu juga yang membatasi. Saya juga sudah ingin libur dulu ke kota Jogja tercinta.

Setelah off, harapan saya adalah saya ditaruh ke base dimana saya bisa lebih banyak ‘pegang’ tool, tidak cuma disuruh membaca manual saja. Entah itu di Duri, Balikpapan, atau bahkan Surabaya. Di Duri saya dengar jam kerjanya lebih ketat, namun tidak apa2 bagi trainee seperti saya asal saya bisa lebih banyak berlatih. Di Badak lagi pun sebenarnya juga tidak mengapa, asal saya diberi kesempatan yang lebih banyak.

Besok Jumat saya off. Dan empat hari kedepan saya akan masuk Lab Cased Hole. Rencana saya sih pengen belajar Magnetic Orienting Tool. Semoga empat hari ini cukup untuk sekedar tahu post-job service-nya.

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Muara Badak, The Jungle


Pertama kali saya datang ke Badak, yang pertama kali saya rasakan adalah udaranya panas sekali. Saya sudah mengira kalau di pulau Kalimantan memang rata2 udaranya lebih panas daripada di Jogja, tapi saya tidak mengira kalo sampe sepanas ini. Ketika di perjalanan dari Balikpapan kesini, di sepanjang perjalanan memang hutan2, dan kelihatan sejuk banget, ya jelas karena di bus pakai pendingin udara, jadi yang terasa adalah udara sejuk.

Secara umum, jangan bayangkan hutan disini kayak hutan di lereng Gunung Merapi, tapi lebih mirip hutan di Gunung Kidul atau Kulon Progo. Tanahnya berstruktur tanah liat.  Cuma bedanya, di kanan kiri jalan banyak pipa2 gas milik VICO yang kadang2 melintang melewati gang2 pemukiman penduduk. Ketika lagi job di site, jangan kaget kalo ngejob sambil di samping unit ada gerombolan sapi yang digembalakan penduduk setempat. Dari Badak ke arah selatan, kita menuju Nilam. Nilam termasuk di daerah aliran sungai Mahakam. Disini kebanyakan rawa2, yang dihuni kawanan berbagai satwa. Saya pernah melihat kera ekor panjang, berang2, elang rawa, biawak, dan katanya juga ada buaya muara. Tapi saya pengen melihat pesut yang katanya dulu pernah banyak di delta sungai Mahakam, yang sekarang populasinya minim dan hampir punah. Saya pengen juga melihat elang dari jarak yang lebih dekat. Tapi sebagai kroco maintenis, kayaknya kesempatan saya untuk melihat berbagai keanekaragaman hayati tersebut bakal minim, karena kedepannya saya lebih banyak work at base.

Tapi ada beberapa bekas area drilling yang gak direklamasi kembali. Jadi dibiarkan terbengkalai dan akhirnya cuma ditumbuhi semak belukar. Dan ditambah lagi penduduk gak boleh memanfaatkan lahan ini. Hal ini sangat sayang banget, padahal kalau boleh dikelola dan diolah kembali, mungkin lahan2 tidur ini dapat menjadi tambahan bagi masyarakat Muara Badak.

Hal yang cukup mengganggu juga adalah nyamuk. Disini ada berbagai jenis nyamuk, mulai dari Anopheles sampai Aides Aygepti. Ukurannya pun jumbo2. Tapi kantin di base menyediakan penangkal biologis untuk nyamuk, yaitu godong kates alias daun pepaya rebus yang tersedia saat sarapan, makan siang, maupun makan malam.

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Muara Badak, Peternakan Trainee Tukang Ulur Kabel

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Dulu ketika pertama kali ditemukan gas disini, oil serpis kumpeni atau oilfield service company yang disewa VICO adalah The Smurfs alias Si Biru alias Schlumberger. Namun seiring berjalannya waktu, tampaknya VICO tidak mempunyai cukup dana untuk memakai The Smurfs. Alhasil digunakanlah solusi yang sedikit agak lebih murah namun tetap merk Amerika, yaitu The Reds alias Halliburton. Halliburton mulai masuk ke Badak tahun 2008. Product line service yang di-deploy sama The Reds disini adalah Cementing, Wireline and Perforating, Boots and Coots, sama Tubing Conveyed Perforating. Ada juga Sperry Drilling sama Baroid, tapi kayaknya mereka berdua cuma sekedar numpang lewat alias gak punya base di Badak.

Entah karena disini dianggap sebagai area susah, atau area murah, atau area kacang goreng, Wireline memakai Badak sebagai training ground bagi engineer trainee-nya. Sudah hampir dua bulan saya menjadi kenkyuusei alias trainee di Badak. Sebagai kroco, kami terlihat seperti gerombolan liar. Kami masih ditaruh di berbagai bagian di Base secara bergiliran, seperti di Sonde alias Mechanical Maintenance Lab, Shop Yard, Electrical Maintenance Lab, field job Open Hole, dan field job Cased Hole. Ditambah lagi, bos alias supervisor kami berada di Balikpapan, dan kami harus mengatur sendiri jadwal kerja kami. Dan sebagai kroco, kami harus menyerap ilmu sebanyak2nya sambil melakukan aktifitas yang kelihatan sepele tapi esensial, seperti mencuci truk unit, mencuci tool, angkut2 dan angkat2, pressure test, heat test, dan lain sebagainya. Belum lagi disini juga terdapat trainee gelombang lain. Jadi situasinya terlihat hiruk pikuk oleh kaum berhelm hijau.

Badak Field dan sekitarnya mempunyai beberapa keunikan. Pertama, disini memakai dual tubing pada sumurnya, yang membutuhkan teknik khusus untuk melakukan perforasi atau pembolongan tubing agar gas bisa mengalir keluar. Kedua, pressure bawah tanah sudah cukup tinggi untuk membuat si gas bisa mengalir sendiri ke plantnya. Ketiga, dalamnya sumur bisa mencapai lebih dari 10.000 feet atau kira2 3 km (cukup dalam untuk sumur onshore). Owh iya, disini yang dilakukan adalah land operation, jadi semuanya ya dilakukan di darat, dan unitnya menggunakan truk Kenworth T800 dan T600 custom made. Memang ada beberapa sumur yang terletak di rawa2 delta, namun masih di aliran sungai Mahakam, jadi cuma pake swamp barge saja.

Kegiatan di Shop dan Lab kebanyakan berupa job preparation, maintenance, dan post-job service. Ada beberapa troubleshooting yang dilakukan, tapi sebagai kroco kami baru boleh lihat2 dulu. Sebagaian besar tool2 disini “cuma” mengukur density, resistivity, flow, temperature, induction, dan pressure. Namun jadi kelihatan rumit karena kondisi kerjanya yang cukup harsh (high pressure, high temperature, mud, shock, etc.). Ukurannya pun juga kadang2 gak main2, satu string alias satu rangkaian tool panjangnya bisa sampai 100 m. Soalnya dulu saya kira measurement tool di Wireline itu compact dan kecil kayak tool2 yang kita buat waktu kuliah. Ada juga tool yang mengukur besaran yang baru saya ketahui disini, yaitu porosity, gamma ray, hydrocarbon index, dan ada tool khusus untuk melakukan sampling fluida alias bahan yang berada di formasi.

Untuk field job, pertama saya ikut Cased Hole di site Nilam. Kondisi geografis berupa rawa2 yang dibabat kemudian diurug. Jadi panas banget, dan ditambah tidak ada tempat berteduh selain mobil atau truk unit. Tapi di cabin di dalam unit tempatnya sempit, dan lagi di dalamnya ada company man alias ndoro alias mandor dari VICO. Job waktu itu adalah cek ikatan antara semen dengan casing sumur kemudian perforasi di tubingnya. Sebagai kroco, saya harus siap sedia bantu angkat2, ngambilin tool, nyuci mobil dan nyuci truk. Tapi lumayanlah bisa tahu apa yang dilakukan orang2 field terhadap tool kita, loading charge ke gun carrier, arming gun, rig up rig down tanpa pakai rig alias rigless dan cuma pake truk crane, tahu pressure control equipment, dll. Crew serta engineer-nya juga baik2 dan mau ngajarin.

Kemudian saya ikut job Open Hole, di Nilam juga. Disini dilakukan pengukuran gamma ray, density, porosity, induction, serta sampling fluida. Open Hole job ini lebih berasa, karena kami nginep di area drilling rig. Crew senior, technician senior, sama engineer-nya tidur di doghouse alias peti kemas yang disulap jadi kamar. Sementara itu kroco mumet, technician junior, serta crew junior tidur di mobil. Disini kebanyakan aktifitasnya adalah menunggu dan menunggu, selama proses ambil data alias logging dilakukan. Rig up rig down-nya lebih ribet dan kacau dibanding Cased Hole. Job yangs seharusnya selesai dalam 2 hari harus molor sampai 3 hari karena tool yang digunakan untuk sampling sempet error, untung kami bawa tool back-up nya. Selama menunggu tersebut, saya banyak nanya2 dan ngobrol2 ngalor ngidul sama geologist, drilling crew, sampai ke crane operatornya. Saya juga mencoba untuk memahami proses drilling Open Hole sampai menjadi Cased Hole disini. Karena job Open Hole ini jarang2, jadi mumpung ada kesempatan, kudu dimanfaatin sebaik2nya.

Sekarang saya sudah mulai masuk ke Maintenance Lab, karena sebagai kroco maintenis, disitulah habitat saya nantinya berada. Ada juga beberapa assessment yang harus diselesaikan. Setelah 3 bulan pun, sebenarnya kami masih kroco sampai sekitar 1-2 tahun lagi, dan tidak ada kata berhenti belajar, semuanya bisa diambil ilmunya.

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